Find Your True Alignment




If you chose to work with me; I promise to help guide you by creating a safe space to allow re-connection to parts of yourself you may have forgotten. Your wisdom, inner strength and your courage, just to name a few. Based on my experiential knowledge and professional training as a Yoga Therapist, my goal is to offer you new tools to re-build your relationship with your body and ultimately, your Self.

Yoga Therapy is a holistic wellness approach empowering and supporting individuals to manage their own health using the principles of Yoga. Tools that may be used in a Yoga Therapy session include: gentle asana (postures), pranayama (breath awareness and techniques), mudra (gestures), mantra (chanting), visualization, relaxation, meditation, lifestyle counselling and self-development guidance.

Yoga Therapy works on the premise that all dis-ease is the result of blocked Prana (life force energy) and that each individual is whole and complete already, so rather than focusing on the illness, this ancient approach to health looks to locate and release the Prana blockage. 

At the essence of Yoga Therapy is the re-connection of Body, Mind and Spirit. Yoga encourages us to tap into the deep well of inner wisdom and has the potential to replace a dependency on external validation by supporting a more internal relationship of trust and

gratitude for the body.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy in relation to Mental Health optimization include:

  • Finding your inner strength – your True Alignment

  • Creating new coping strategies

  • Improved overall sense of self-worth

  • Stilling the eating disorder ‘voice’

  • Improved mood and decreased irritability

  • Improved ability to focus

  • Finding your inner resilience

  • Learning to trust yourself

  • Learning to show up for yourself

  • Establishing a healthy relationship with your body

  • Learning to accept all aspects of yourself; not just the parts you think others ‘should’ see

  • Feeling emotions within the body as they occur and staying present with them

  • Cultivating a compassionate mindset towards yourself and others

  • Breaking the dependence loop: Food/Need for Control/Unhealthy Relationships/Substances

  • Learning to set personal boundaries

  • Expanding your world beyond food, symptoms and body image

  • Diminished impulsivity; relieving the ‘Quick Fix/Grasping’ mentality

  • Manage depression and anxiety

  • Complement traditional forms of treatment and therapy

  • Celebrating victories every step of the way!

Rock Maze


Yoga Therapy asks that both the therapist and client have the same goal: to reduce the client’s suffering as they move forward on their healing journey. Meaning it is vital the client is prepared to do their inner work with the guidance of the therapist. Yoga Therapy is a self-empowering modality based on ancient yogic philosophy. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘YOKE’ or ‘UNION’ so ultimately, we look to bring the client back into ‘UNION’ with themselves - at all levels. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Unlike a group yoga class, we will work together 1 on 1, personally or virtually. Additionally, unlike traditional forms of therapy, we will not narrowly focus on food or your specific symptoms. Instead, we will extend the realm of healing beyond negative patterns and encourage resilience. Infusing your recovery with new thought processes, vitality, and inspiration. Helping you live a life in True Alignment with your Sacred Self. 

Our sessions will include a combination of yoga techniques such as gentle postures, breath work, mediation, visualization and chanting, along with talk therapy.

If you are curious as to whether Yoga Therapy is for you, I encourage you to book a no-fee, no obligation phone call. This is an introductory discussion giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We will also talk about what type of program is best for you, how many sessions you may need and the pricing structure. Please note, treatment is not provided on this call.

Regardless of your yoga experience, I believe there is so much this healing modality can offer and it would be my honour to guide you along your path to self-empowerment.



Complimentary Pre-Session 30min Phone Call - valued @ $50

90min Yoga Therapy Session @ $150 

3 Pre-Paid Sessions @ $425 (5% discount)

6 Pre-Paid Sessions @ $810 (10% discount)

Also Available via Skype