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The Simple Path: Not Mine to Take

Sitting in the sun on my balcony in Goa, reading and eating fish curry - what could be more simple than that? Apart from the fact I was in a foreign country, away from all those I loved, during the worst global pandemic since the Spanish Flu in 1918… Simple life right?! Ooh wait, yes that’s right, I am not and never was, destined for a simple life…

Now here’s the beauty in this realization. Walking the more complicated life path more often than not, leads us to great life lessons, directing us closer and closer to our true essence, our true selves. In my experience, wisdom is rarely gained when we sit back and choose easy. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes easy really can be the best way and I have many friends who have flourished on this path, but again, in my experience I couldn’t have travelled easy even if I wanted to.

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